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how the media handled the Brexit case ?

Its an essay on how media handle war or nationalism cases.I chose nationalism case under which i decided to talk on brexit since its a nationalist movement. Wish to know what ideas i should put down and the chronological manner in which i have to write them down.

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answered 14 days ago

Eleni K.

Hi dear Sone,
You could focus on the following ideas - in chronological manner:
1. Relationship between the UK and Europe before the appearance of Brexit, as a term and as an idea (up to 2012)
2. Initial perceptions of media for Brexit - referring to the period that the initial thoughts of Brexit appeared - (2012)
3. Perceptions of media in regard to the potential impact of Brexit on Britain and on EU (2012- June 2016)
4. Perceptions of media in the post-Brexit period (from June 2016 up today)
You could also have a look at the following links:
I help that the above can help you,
best regards,

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