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A Dissertation Topic in Childhood Obesity

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answered 11 days ago

Silvia O.

Hello Ameera,
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Your topic can produce various subjects to be researched in this domain. For example, you can investigate factors that may contribute to childhood obesity such as culture or socioeconomic status. You could also assess the role of family in child obesity reduction or the effects of government policies in reducing obesity in children. Your topic of choice should be in line with the type of research you want to use (primary or secondary).
If you need further assistance with this, please place an order with us, and I will be glad to help. I would recommend for your order to be a preliminary literature review so that you can have an assessment of the research gap that your investigation will address.
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answered 10 days ago

Aurora A.

Hi, I'm Aurora and my suggestion is for this study to focus on the societal impact of technology on children's daily activities. Children often play online games, watch online films, and engage in social media , often lacking in physical activity which leads to childhood obesity.

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