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Toxicology dissertation ideas for BSc Forensic science

Hi, i'm wondering if you have any dissertation ideas in forensic toxicology? I find opioids, pharmacy sleeping medication and illicit drugs interesting. I'm open to any ideas in toxicology in general. Thank you

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answered 11 days ago

Silvia O.

Hello Molly,
My name is Silvia and I am a writer for WritePass.
Forensic toxicology is a vast domain with many research opportunities. Since you find the study of illicit drugs in this context interesting, you might like a topic focused on investigating the efficiency of the liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC –MS /MS) method in identifying illicit drug abuse in post-mortem biological specimens. There have been some studies to suggest that ionization associated with this method is prone to matrix effects, which can lead to altered results, however there is no particular study in the literature to answer this specific question. As a research approach, I would suggest conducting a systematic literature review.
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