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I need to come up with a forensic science topic for a literature based Diss

Due to the covid-19 situation, I can't do the practical side of things at the uni, so I need to do a solely literature based dissertation, and I find a bit difficult to find a topic in Forensic science that isn't practical/experimental. Please help me.

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answered 27 days ago

Nolan C.

Hi Mariya,
I am Nolan and I am a writer at You can try one of the following topics for your case:
1. A literature review of of the use of post mortem tryptase in sampling, interpretation and investigating fatal anaphylaxis
2. Forensic Archeology: A First World War example
3. The effects of high temperature on the dimensions of the coronary artery
Kindly get in touch with the admin if you need further help on this one. You can then request for me (Nolan) as your preferred writer. Thank you in advance. I look forward to assist you.
Kind regards,

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