Dissertation Terms

Special Dissertation Terms

1. Once you have set up your payment agreement for your dissertation, we would provide you with a dissertation plan that outlines how we intend to structure your dissertation. This would be provided within 7 days of assigning a writer.

2. We would await your explicit feedback on the dissertation plan before proceeding with your work. Once you have agreed to the dissertation plan, the writer will begin writing, and send it according to the delivery terms you have agreed to.

3. We would adhere strictly to the dissertation terms you have agreed to, and if you'd like to change the delivery or payment terms, you may incur an additional fee of up to 10% of your invoice fee. This decision to impose additional charges would be made at the discretion of management.

4. We may be able to work with specific milestones, which coincide with your supervisor meetings, however these deadlines would need to be communicated with us at least 2 weeks before the meeting / milestone. This agreement is only available if you choose to Pay Weekly or in Full. Otherwise, we'd send you half once the project is ready and request the full balance.

5. In situations whereby you have only made a deposit payment for us to start your dissertation we'd only be able to pro-rata what's being sent to you based on how much you've paid. We may request additional payment in order to send subsequent chapters.

6. You must give us at least 5 days to address all amendment requirements and comments on your work.

7. Your dissertation would be reviewed once all the chapters have been completed. Not during the milestone stage.

8. The initial draft sent to you shall not be construed to reflect the eventual quality of the project you are to receive.

9. In situations wherein you have agreed for us to make up data on your behalf, you agree to give the writer full discretion in the data structure and content. If you require the writer to edit the results after it has been analysed, you may be billed extra for this.

10. If you require quantitative or qualitative data analysis in your dissertation order, which involves collection of data from respondents or inaccessible databases, then you would need to provide the data to us for analysis. If no data is provided, then the writer may be asked to 'make-up' such data using an appropriate model.