Mattheau E.

Business, Marketing and Social Science Specialist - 7 Years working experience as a research consultant after graduation

With over a decade of working experience in Business and Marketing, I can help you. It is my combination of training, experience and drive that allows me to offer you the very best research possible. From basic outlines, edits and research to complete strategies and material, I have never missed a deadline.

During my time with WritePass, I have helped hundreds of students complete their research projects on time and to a high standard. I can assist you with nearly any business, marketing or research based project, with a speciality in social science. Holding a proven record, I can help you succeed.

My background
Seeking to make good use of my experience, I began helping student’s research projects over seven years ago, with the singular goal of providing the very best material possible. With an educational background in business and social science, I continue to refine my knowledge by helping others understand their own scholastic challenges. The combination of education, training and experience has allowed me to understand and adapt to any professional requirements, giving me a great deal of flexibility.

What I can help you with:
• Essays
• Reports
• Outlines
• Real time Qualitative and Quantitative Research
• Dissertations

Past performance
- Working with WritePass for many years, I have several satisfied clients and accomplished projects. I take the time to understand and integrate your requirements or amendments until you are satisfied. I am not late, ever.

Work experience
- Seven successful years as a writing / research consultant
- Four years writing for this company
- 12 successful years as a small business owner and operator

  • business
  • marketing
  • social science
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