Ryan S.

Economics and Business Writer & Researcher with 7 years’ experience (4 years academic and 3 years professional)

I have 7 years experience in Economics and Business, taking into account 4 years of academic experience through the completion of a degree in Economics and an MSc in Financial Management.

My 3 years of professional experience comes from my role as an Economist for a FTSE-listed business, providing my with the understanding, knowledge and experience to help you.

My academic background within Economic and Finance provide me with the underlying knowledge and skills needed to help you structure and put together your assignment/ writing needs. Added with my current work experience, I remain confident in writing assignments in a number of fields.

I can help you complete assignments in Economics and Business, as well as in Finance, Aviation and Marketing. I have been associated with WritePass for a number of years now and have had the pleasure of working with them in a number of other fields such as HR, fashion, Organisational Management and Accounting.

What I can help you with

I am able to provide a full research and writing service, using my access to numerous academic journals as well as a Bloomberg Terminal to provide the latest data, both academic and financial.

Past Performance

Past assignments have focused into numerous topics, from Nigerian Oil Management to Business Economics, Capital Structure and Business Analytics.

Assignments have come from a point of being both heavily focused on the underlying theory and the explanation of economic models to ones that are more focused on the current business environment and business analysis, taking into account financial ratio’s as well as performance and efficiency.

Given my past experience, I remain confident in writing and referencing both, with my current job role keeping my constantly updated on the market and developments in both business and economics.

Work Experience

3 years’ experience working for a FTSE-listed business specialising in the commodity sector. My role started as a Business Risk Analyst; however the role has now expanded with my official title being the Global Economist for the business. This sees me not only researching and presenting on market trends, but also dealing with investors and having my input into the Annual Report and Investor Presentations.


Achieved a high 2:1 classed degree in BSc (Econ) Economics; followed by MSc Financial Management in which I achieved a Pass with Distinction and came top of my class

  • marketing
  • aviation management
  • business management
  • fashion
  • accounting
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