Kristal V.

Social Sciences and Humanities Writer, Researcher and Proofreader

Graduated from Oxford 24 years ago with a PHD. Now a full time Arts & Humanities writer, research and tutor. Been doing so for the past 10 years.

Having written multiple essays under highly pressurised time-restricted situations during my time at the University of Oxford, and also while working as a full time researcher, I developed the skill and aptitude required to pursue academic writing as a career.

Each essay I produce is written to a very high standard with evidence of extensive reading and referencing required. Although I read Music during my time at Oxford, I have a broad range of interests and a wide selection of possible subject areas at my disposal thanks to my time as a full time researcher for a well known global research firm.

I am an extremely proficient researcher with a firm grasp on the English Language, and I relish the opportunity to push myself and improve my skills. I attained a First in both my Dissertation and Extended Essays whilst at university, and I believe that this highlights my skill in academic writing. I have also successfully proofread and provided editorial comments for many of my friends as I am diligent in my work with a keen eye for detail.

I can help with:

- Essay, Proposal & Dissertation Writing.
- Proofreading and Editing any type of documents.
- Secondary research on topics concerning social sciences (politics, history, international relations, gender studies amongst others).
- Tutoring via Skype

Feel free to reach out to me if you need help.

  • arts
  • literature
  • history
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